Florida calls to revive emulation in the peasant sector

Florida, May 26.- “We have to ensure that emulation at the base and at other levels of the peasant sector in Florida once again becomes the engine of political processes and the productive thrust of the organization in the current stage, when the country It demands greater efficiency and commitment in the tasks of the economy and support for the Revolution.”

This was defended by the municipal president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) Luis Enrique Arribas Rodríguez, who called on the directors of that level and the rest of the farmers in the territory to strengthen unity in the groups and in each commitment, deliver all possible efforts in favor of the materialization of the collection plans and opportunely recognize the most outstanding in the fulfillment of its social mission.

Young, enthusiastic and eager to work for the comprehensive advancement of the organization in Florida, Arribas Rodríguez recently assumed the highest representation of the peasants, and among the purposes to be achieved, along with the rest of the members of the Committee and the Municipal Bureau of the ANAP, highlight the need to advance in measurable indicators such as the growth of queues, attendance at associate meetings, payment of self-financing and contribution to feeding the people.

If, as expected, the 30 grassroots organizations of ANAP together with the almost three thousand associates of the peasant sector in the region respond to the call to revive fraternal emulation in all local farms and cooperatives, the results will undoubtedly pay tribute to for the benefit of the agrarian mass and the prestige of the group, and in favor of the desired food sovereignty of the municipality and of the Cuban nation. (Pedro Pablo Saez/Radio Florida)

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