The work of Martí in a children’s musical-theater project in Florida

Florida, May 26.- The universal vision and high human sensitivity of the Apostle José Martí also shine in the field of culture, and are a source of inspiration to work for a better world through art. This is how the Floridian instructor appreciates it, Arturo Nazco Labrada, a young man from the municipality of Florida who is nourished by Marti’s work to conduct his musical-theatrical children’s project “Little Son”.

“Our work in the community seeks to bring Martí’s ideology, sensitivity and good taste, to appreciate life and art in a way as beautiful as the Apostle saw it, that is why in our productions we always link the work or thought of José Martí, so that children can see what is being talked about.

That is why we always say that we are a very Martian socio-cultural educational project, because in our classes and workshops the fundamental objective of training in values ​​prevails.

We are currently part of a project called Martí enters my house, led by teacher Carlos Alberto (Tin)Cremata and aimed at showing in our presentations the validity of the thought of who is justly called the most universal of Cuban politicians. ”.

The children’s theatrical musician group “Pequeño son” exhibits artistic talent and radiates Cuban identity in each of its presentations, where it enlivens joy.

This is a Martí project that seeks to promote, in addition to an artistic culture, the best human values, as stated by one of its main precursors, the art instructor Arturo Nazco Labrada, a young Floridian who appreciates the cultural and humanist legacy of the National Hero of Cuba. (Yunier Soler Castellanos/Radio Florida)

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