National Accreditation Board verifies university extension activities in Florida (+Photos)

Florida, May 27.- With the objective of evaluating the quality in the processes of the University of Camagüey, the visit of officials from the National Accreditation Board reached the rural community of La Vallita to verify in the field the extension activities organized by the Center Florida Township College. See photos here and here.

The community project Revolutionizing the Neighborhood, in which students from the Physical Culture career of the Municipal University Center participate, was presented to visitors, as a sign of the link between this educational institution and government programs.

Evelyn Márquez Álvarez, president of the Government in the territory and Dr. Santiago Lajes Choy, rector of the high house of high studies in Camagüey, also participated in the activity where works elaborated by the movement of creative women and the artistic talent of the demarcation were presented.

bequeathed to the Popular Council of La Vallita in this municipality of Florida the visit of the National Accreditation Board to evaluate the extension actions developed by the Municipal University Center, which contribute to the granting of the category of excellence for the Ignacio Agramonte University from Camaguey.

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