Farmers in Florida advance in planting various crops

Florida, May 28.- The agricultural company of the municipality of Florida is progressing satisfactorily in the planting of various crops planned for the current spring campaign, in the midst of a complex stage where it is essential to seek alternatives and opportunities that contribute to productive commitments of the current year.

According to the report of May 25, the workers of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC) and the peasants linked to the aforementioned entity planted here up to that date more than 985 hectares, fundamentally of root crops and vegetables, which means a slight overcompliance. in the accumulated general plan.

The varieties with the greatest presence in the new crops are cassava, plantain and sweet potato due to the high demand for each of these products in daily marketing and their appreciation at the table of the Cuban family.

Gerardo Rodríguez Galván, director of Various Crops at the Florida Agricultural Company, also reported that in addition to what has been achieved, they have another 300 hectares of land in different stages of preparation, with the purpose of taking advantage of the weather conditions and continuing the march towards the achievement of the spring commitment.

Among the units with the greatest contribution to the favorable results of local agriculture in the current campaign of planting root vegetables, grains and fruit trees, the Credit and Services Cooperatives stand out, while the rest of the entities must continue their efforts to improve the contribution to the significant task. (Pedro Pablo Saez Herrera/Radio Florida)

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