Floridian fighters always ready to serve in all trenches

Florida, June 21.- The meeting held by the main leaders of the Communist Party and the Government of Florida with more than 100 grassroots leaders of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC) in this municipality led to a frank and committed exchange with socialism and the work of Fidel Castro Ruz, in tune with the realities of the territory and the country, in the midst of the desire to continue forward “with everyone and for the good of all.”

Gathered at the Aurora cinema theater, the representatives of the almost two thousand veterans and protagonists of epics and transcendental missions of the Homeland received updated information from the Municipal Administration Council on the progress of the main programs and services to the population, and at the same time strongly denounced negative realities that affect the normal development of the economy and the lives of Floridians.

The combatants of the Revolution asked to promote a more effective confrontation against phenomena such as the theft of resources, corruption, illegalities and abusive and speculative prices due to their harmful impact on society and the political cost they represent, and they expressed their willingness to to be at the forefront of this combat where, according to them, there must be greater action by the state inspection and control bodies and a better convocation of the mass organizations.

With the same passion with which they previously fought in the Sierra, in defense of the Homeland and in internationalist missions, among other tasks, the combatants of the municipality of Florida highlighted the importance of working every day in the formation of new generations, with the teaching of History as a fundamental link from the school to the neighborhood, without giving up in the effort.

Summarizing the meeting of the highest political and government leadership of Florida with the grassroots leaders of the ACRC in the territory, José Antonio Ballate González, first secretary of the Communist Party, thanked the trust and sincerity of the dialogue and, despite the many difficulties win, called them to accompany and support with the prestige of the organization, from each space, the battle in defense of the conquests of socialism in this municipality. Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera / Radio Florida

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