New government measures benefit pregnant women and working mothers

Florida, Jul 4.- More than 100 pregnant women and working mothers in the municipality of Florida have benefited here to date, after the entry into force of Decree Law 45 of 2021, through which the actions and protection rights for the maternity of the Cuban woman.

The aforementioned rule establishes paying the entire salary to pregnant women with less than 34 weeks of pregnancy forced to suspend their daily work activities due to medical disposition, and the delivery of 60 percent of the salary payment for mothers who assume the eventual care of the children. children under 17 years of age, affected by transitory illnesses that require hospital admission or rest at home.

According to the information offered by the Municipal Office of Assistance and Social Security, such benefits, provided here since last December 14, come to strengthen the concepts established in the Constitution of the Republic with respect to the official protection of maternity and paternity, and the protection of families as basic institutions of socialist society.

The more than 100 Floridians favored in the last seven months by the new government measures for the benefit of pregnant women and working mothers are here witnesses of the responsibility of the Cuban State in the implementation of policies in favor of the well-being of boys, girls and the family in general, despite the strong economic and financial restrictions that the country is experiencing. (Pedro Pablo Saez Herrera/Radio Florida)

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