Employment Policy benefits more than 520 Floridians so far this year.

Florida, Jul 19.- The municipality of Florida complies to the letter with the provisions of the Employment Policy promoted by the country, in response to what was agreed in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, where it is stated that every person in condition to work has the right to access a decent job, in correspondence with their choice, qualification, aptitude and demands of the economy and society.

Consequently, so far in 2022, more than 520 Floridians accessed jobs in the state sector through the channels, offers and mechanisms established by the municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security.

According to the information offered by that governing entity of the employment strategy in the territory, the opportunities to join the socially useful life also extend to the sphere of private initiative and as an example, in the current situation, the most of 140 open capacities in the 14 micro, small and medium-sized companies or MSMEs approved for operation at the local level.

The availability of vacancies to be offered by the municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security depends, above all, on the discipline of the companies and other units in the updated tribute of vacant capacities, which have the priority of covering the demands of prioritized groups in the population such as those demobilized from the FAR, mothers protected by the Demographic Policy and people in a situation of vulnerability.

The guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, together with the ideas, concepts and directives of the Eighth Congress of the highest communist organization in Cuba, are also added to the defense of active, lawful, conscious and transformative work, as a basis for the integral development of the nation and unique formula to obtain individual and collective wealth. (Pedro Pablo Saez/Radio Florida)

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