The territory has its own seedlings for reforestation (+Infographic)

Florida, Aug 3.- With more than 30,000 seedlings produced to date, the timber and fruit plant nursery belonging to Florida Forestry Unit has become a key piece in the effort to move forward with a better step in the forest rehabilitation of this area of Camagüey demarcation.

For the first time in the last 10 years, the municipality has its own positions available to comply with the reforestation plans, an opportunity that the different entities responsible for materializing the aforementioned assignment in the territory must take advantage of efficiently.

With a staff of two workers and intensively, the new Floridian establishment has fostered so far this year the germination of various varieties including eucalyptus and tamarind, through the technique known as Tubete.

The authorities of the Government and the State Forestry Service of the municipality demand for their part to immediately take advantage of the extraordinary availability of locally produced seedlings in the nursery of the Forestry Unit, with the aim of eliminating delays in the planting of forests for defense and promoting other timber or food plantations in different parts of the territory.


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