Floridian baseball player Anniel Ugalde debuted in the U23 national series

Florida, Aug 5.- Floridian Anniel Ugalde debuted as the starting catcher and second batter for the team from the Camagüey province in the seventh National Baseball Series for children under 23 years of age, a tournament that began this Tuesday, August 2 throughout the country.

Before the initial match of the Camagüeyans against the Ciego de Ávila team, Anniel presented some discomfort in his right shoulder and there were doubts among the fans about the player’s conditions for the first date of the contest, but the young athlete recovers favorable from this slight injury and from the opening day he was able to hold the bat and field behind the plate.

Catcher Anniel Ugalde is the only baseball player from the Florida municipality who is part of the Camagüey province team in the current U-23 National Series, since two pitchers from this territory had to leave the last stage of training for the Camagüey preselection due to illness .

Anniel has the experience of participating in training sessions for the formation of the Camagüey senior team, and his start in the current U-23 national championship as the starting catcher and second batter, shows that the direction of baseball in this province identifies a sporting potential in this young Floridian baseball player.

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