Floridian entities convened to continue promoting forests of interest for defense (+Infographic)

Florida, Aug 5.- The municipality of Florida is included among the territories with the task of completing the development of forests of interest for the defense of the Homeland as part of a strategic mission promoted by the country until the year 2030.

According to information from the State Forestry Service, there are nine hectares planned to be covered here with these structures, a mandate that is included among the tasks of the Reforestation Plan for the current year, which implies working from now on and seriously with the goal of meeting those goals.

Among the entities of the agricultural and sugar sector in Florida responsible for the promotion of forest heritage are the José Martí, Las Marías, El Oronte, Las Margaritas and José Antonio Echeverría Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC).

Due to its strategic importance from the economic and social point of view and for the preservation of human life, the Forestry Unit and the 25th Anniversary Agricultural Production Cooperative are also called upon to promote forests of interest for the defense of the Homeland.

All of these entities received a fuel allocation in support of the task and are required to complete their planting commitment by September 30.

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