Floridian sprinter improves personal best in World Athletics Championships

Florida, Aug 5.- Floridian sprinter Yarima García Díaz improved her personal best in the 100-meter dash, with a time of 11.56 in one of the semifinal heats of this event in the World Cup of the U-20 Athletics category that It is celebrated in Cali, Colombia.

In this race, the 18-year-old athlete finished in sixth place and could not advance to the women’s final of the hectometer in the junior world championships, but by improving the 11.62 that she had as a personal record before this event, Yarima showed that she made an effort to the fullest and that she is a competitive runner.

The sprinter from the Florida municipality will continue her participation in this World Athletics Championship for children under 20 years of age in the coming days, as she is also registered to compete in the 200-meter dash for women.

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