Floridians ratify their solidarity with the people of Matanzas

Florida, Aug 10.- The workers of the Municipal Directorate of the Party and other social sectors of the municipality of Florida expressed their support for the Matanzas people and the families affected by the disaster that occurred at the super tanker base located in that Cuban province.

It is another painful test for the country in the midst of a complex situation, but we will move forward with the solidarity, courage and unity of always, most of the interviewees said, including teachers and representatives of the Public Health systems and of Agriculture.

Without hiding their shock at the event, the representatives of the Floridian population reiterated their trust in the highest leadership of the country in the face of the new tragedy and highlighted the courage of the personnel engaged in the containment and extinction of the fire in the large oil reservoirs located in the near the Matanzas Bay.

Similarly, and on behalf of their compatriots from the municipality of Florida, those interviewed by this means sent condolences to the relatives of those killed and missing in the incident and reiterated the general confidence that Cuba will rise again and continue forward.

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