Health authorities ask for maximum support in the battle against Aedes aegypti

Florida, Aug 10.- Public Health authorities in the municipality of Florida called on the population of the territory to provide the maximum possible support in the joint battle against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, an insect of domestic customs and the only recognized route of transmission of the Dengue.

According to experts and health authorities responsible for vector control, the conscious and systematic execution of the family autofocal from the front door to the backyard and the roof of each home, in neighborhoods and communities, is today the main measure to reduce the presence of the aforementioned mosquito.

The review includes, above all, the periodic cleaning of the water reservoirs where it can lay its eggs and evolve towards the adult stage, the hermetic covering of tanks and cisterns and the destruction of disused vessels, junk and shells capable of becoming potential breeding grounds for the Aedes, after storing rainwater residues.

The demand of the Public Health institutions to raise popular support in the confrontation with the transmitting agent of Dengue in the municipality of Florida also extends to the importance of opening doors to the activities of the anti-vector technician, together with the request for immediate medical assistance. against the first signs of suspicion of contagion with the dangerous disease.


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