Abel Santamaría Cooperative of Florida closes economic balance with profit

Florida, Aug 15.- The peasants of the Abel Santamaría Cuadrado Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) of the municipality of Florida, concluded the economic balance of the 2021-2022 period with a financial gain of over one million pesos.

The juicy amount is the result of the collective effort in sugarcane recovery tasks and therefore the favorable delivery of raw material to the industry during the last harvest, together with the rest of the income obtained from productive diversification in agricultural lines such as dairy farming. and beekeeping, together with the provision of services to third parties.

According to the information offered by the highest administrative director of the CPA Abel Santamaría, the celebration for what has been achieved and the direct distribution of 60 percent of the profits among the members of the entity are on pause, right now, waiting for a definitive solution for the multimillionaire and prolonged non-payment to the sugarcane farmers of this municipality.

However, the peasants of the Abel Santamaría cooperative maintain the same agri-food commitment thinking as a country, and since the end of June 30 they resumed their work in search of guaranteeing the same or better productive and monetary results in the next stage.

The starting point was the overfulfillment of the annual cane planting plan and in the future they will maintain the protection of some 12,000 tons of the grass estimated to be harvested in the coming sugar dispute.

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