In Florida, girls and boys sang to Martí and Fidel (+Photos)

Florida, Aug 17.- Joy and children’s jubilation prevailed during the interpretation festival I sing to Martí and Fidel, held in the municipality of Florida to celebrate the 96th birthday of the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The jury that evaluated the works awarded the grand prize to the young Lauren Saday Vitón Cairo; First place was shared by Érika Hernández Mesa and Emily de la Caridad del Valle; followed by Belinda Vicente Febles and Lía Carla Cardoso Gallo, who occupied the second and third position.

A special mention was given to Salet Sotolongo Vega and the popularity prize went to the youngest performer, Laura Sánchez Mendoza; They also gave mentions to Elianis García, Daniel Cabrera and Alejandro Mariño.

Celebrated children’s music festival I sing to Martí and Fidel, convened by the José Martí Cultural Society and the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture of the municipality of Florida, which was dedicated to commemorating the 96th birthday of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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