Production and collection of cow’s milk at a good pace in Florida

Florida, Aug 18.- The farmers of the municipality of Florida comply to date with their plans for the production and collection of cow’s milk planned for the current year, even though a group of necessary mechanisms remain to be adjusted to maintain the stimulus among the milkers of the territory.

According to the information offered by specialists from the Department of Livestock and Development in the local Agricultural Company, the growth achieved in the volumes of food sent to the industry during the months of June and July, as well as the quality of the product, also stands out. delivered by milkmen.

The source itself highlighted that among the most pressing difficulties to overcome in the current campaign is the delay in paying farmers for milk, a dangerous failure in the midst of the call to guarantee each day the liters contracted by the Product Unit. Florida Dairy.

The complex economic situation in Cuba and the rest of the world, together with the cost of food imports, demand maximum support, productivity and commitment from the ranchers and other farmers in the municipality of Florida, who are responsible for achieving definitive success in the production plan. and collection of the liquid defendant.

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