resumption also of the sports education course

Florida, Sep 7.- Since September 5, thousands of boys, girls and adolescents from Florida have also returned to sports facilities and practice areas, as part of the resumption of the school year for athletic education in the municipality, where include 28 disciplines in the athlete training program.

Similarly, nine Floridian athletes are returning these days to the National High Performance Centers in the city of Havana, with the aim of continuing their training and perfecting their tactical and physical preparation to join the national team with a view to competing to the fullest. level in the international arena.

Another group of younger athletes enter the final stage of completion of studies at the Sports Initiation School, (EIDE) Cerro Pelado de Camagüey, where students with athletic potential are attended by well-trained specialists to optimize their training.

As of the resumption of the school year in sports education, hundreds of coaches, technicians and activists from the municipality of Florida are reactivated to continue their educational and preparation plans with an eye on upcoming provincial competitions and talent recruitment processes at different levels of training.


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