Majority of Floridians ratify support for the new Family Code

Florida, Sep 9.- «Undoubtedly, next September 25 we Cubans will show the world another example of unity and gratitude for the work of the Revolution, when we forcefully say YES to the new Family Code in the endorsement summoned for that day.

This was stated by workers and residents residing in the popular councils Centro Urbano, Las Parras, Rolando Valdivia and Ignacio Agramonte, of the municipality of Florida, convinced of the multiple advantages, rights and respect for people included in the new norm endorsed by the National Assembly of People’s Power.

Even though the information related to the content of the new Family Code must be maintained by all possible means, the interviewees agreed to highlight fundamental aspects of it, such as recognition of caregivers, support for the rights of grandparents and changes related to inheritance and acts of last will.

“On September 25, we will reach the schools with an enlightened conscience about the importance of marking the ballot in the YES box,” several of the Floridians interviewed in different popular councils also highlighted, regarding the upcoming Referendum for acceptance or not. of the recently elaborated Family Code.

The entry into force of the new guideline aimed at leading the normal development of family ties in Cuba will depend on the favorable vote of 50 percent plus one of the total number of voters who go to the polls on the date indicated.

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