Pregnancy in adolescence, a latent problem in the municipality of Florida

Florida, Sep 9.- Teenage pregnancy remains a red point among the concerns of the Public Health System and various social institutions and the Government in the municipality of Florida, due to its incidence, risks and marked impact on the lives of the girls and boys, in the family and in the community.

Until the end of July, almost 22 percent of the total number of pregnancies captured by the territory corresponded to women who did not complete two decades of life, including nine pregnant women who were not yet over 15 years of age.

According to the information offered by Dr. Maidelys Cisneros Armenteros, head of the Maternal and Child Department of the Municipal Directorate of Public Health in Florida, the high number of registered adolescent births up to the month of August is also striking, with a total of 70 births.

The specialist herself commented, once again, on the accompanying risks and dangers of pregnancy in childhood, among which she highlighted hypertensive vascular disease, preterm birth and postpartum hemorrhage, along with low weight rates and morbidity of newborns of adolescent mothers.

From the socioeconomic point of view, each statistic means a life, and, therefore, a girl who is pregnant or with her small child will always see her future education, her abilities and possibilities of entering the labor market limited, she will be more vulnerable to violence on gender grounds and may face income shortfalls due to unemployment.

Families and the rest of the institutions and community groups responsible for promoting sexual and reproductive health among those under 18 must join the call of the local health system to confront and reduce the phenomenon of adolescent pregnancy.

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