Floridian agro-sugar producers are called to prepare as best as possible for the harvest

Florida, Sep 20.- The president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida, Evelyn Márquez Álvarez, called on the sugarcane growers of the territory to prepare as well as possible for the next harvest, where in addition to resources, enthusiasm, discipline and will will be needed to overcome the difficulties and shortcomings of the current stage.

The main representative of the highest body of the local government recommended first to the sugarcane cooperatives and the rest of the structures that will take part in the cut and tranfer contest, “pay particular attention to the workforce engaged in repair work now and later in the harvest itself, seeking to achieve stability and motivation in each group».

In the same way, he requested progress in the food guarantees for said period, during which, he said, “the moral and material stimulation for the men and women in charge of harvesting, benefiting and transporting the raw material for the manufacture of sugar in this province.

During the exchange held with several directors and representatives of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production belonging to the sugarcane system of Argentina, the President of the Government in Florida also agreed with the partisan criteria regarding the importance of accelerating the implementation of the 93 measures arranged to save the sugar industry in the municipality.


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