Lawyers and pre-university students will be collaborators in the popular referendum

Florida, Sep 22.- A team of Law Sciences professionals will be supervisors, and 10th and 11th grade High School students will collaborate with the management of the Municipal Electoral Council (CEM) as observers during the development of the Popular Referendum on the new Cuban Family Code, on September 25.

According to a report from the Florida electoral body, a student is expected to be present with an observation guide in each of the 142 schools enabled in the territory, in order to evaluate the conditions of the voting sites and compliance with the different steps legal and organizational provisions established for the proper conduct of this type of democratic and participatory process.

For their part, seven professionals from the Law Sciences will fulfill the mission of supervising the actions of the electoral authorities in the constituencies and schools during this voting day, for which more than 50,000 voters are summoned in Florida.

The tasks of the CEM collaborators and the supervisors in the Florida municipality are aimed at ensuring the good organization, legality and transparency of the popular referendum process on the new Code of Cuban families, on September 25. (Yunier Soler Castellanos/Radio Florida)


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