A comunist party leader from Camagüey evaluated in Florida preparations for the popular referendum (+ Post)

Florida, Sep 23.- Federico Hernández Hernández, First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Camagüey, evaluated the conditions created in Florida for the development of the Popular Referendum on the new Cuban Family Code, in a meeting with electoral authorities and representatives of the political and mass organizations of the territory.

In this meeting it was reported that in the municipality all the necessary material means are already available for the operation of the schools and the development of the vote on September 25, a day for which more than 900 electoral authorities were appointed and trained to conduct the Referendum process with organization, legality and transparency.

In this sense, the maximum political leader of the province of Camagüey was interested in the fulfillment of the legal steps in the preparations of the municipality for the vote, and consulted with delegates of the People’s Power and representatives of the political and mass organizations at the organizational levels. and the logistical conditions arranged for the process in the Floridian constituencies.

The main political leader of Camagüey valued the work of the electoral authorities and the support of the administration in Florida to guarantee the development of the popular Referendum on September 25 and called for reaching the people from heart to heart to multiply the reasons for the Yes for the new Family Code and thus reaffirm the commitment to the social work of the Revolution.


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