Farmers from Florida ready to evaluate results of the last five years

Florida, Sep 24.- The peasant sector of the municipality of Florida is getting ready to start on October 7 the organic process that includes the ratification of the mandate in the units of the agrarian base, meetings where they will analyze the fulfillment of the productive, social and manager in the last five years.

According to the planned schedule, the first assembly will take place at the Saturnino Aneiro Abella Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), which will be followed by debates and the call for proposals and election of the Boards of Directors in the 28 entities of the agrarian sphere in this municipality.

In accordance with the guidelines of the highest management of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), the new balance process in the organization must be a broad exchange between the associates with the purpose of guaranteeing the systematic fulfillment of the productive plans, strengthening the leadership of each group and multiply the tasks of support and defense of the achievements of the Revolution.

The highest peasant representation also called in Florida to put the problems on the table, together with the willingness to face them and solve them with unity and recommended offering a welcome to the upcoming assembly process with activities to beautify and clean the agricultural entities, together with others that strengthen the motivation and commitment of the local peasantry.


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