In Florida, the majority voted for Yes

Florida, Sep 26.- In preliminary data from the highest electoral entity in the municipality of Florida, after the scrutiny of the ballots, the majority vote for Yes, although the official results of the popular referendum on the new Cuban Family Code come from the sum of all the votes in the country.

Order, citizen discipline and electoral legality prevailed during the voting day this Sunday, September 25 in the territory, in which the new Cuban Family Code was submitted to a popular referendum, a legal norm that guarantees rights to many more people in the context of today’s society.

According to preliminary information from the Municipal Electoral Council (CEM), 37,318 citizens attended polling stations in Florida to exercise their right to vote, a figure that represents 68.82 percent of the total list of voters summoned to participate here in this referendum process.

At the close of the voting day, it transpired that more than 93.56 percent of the ballots deposited in the polls were valid, a figure that reflects a good quality of the population’s vote, according to assessments of the highest electoral authorities of the territory.


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