Authorities in Florida call to intensify the confrontation with the Aedes aegypti mosquito

Florida, Sep 27.- The authorities of the Public Health system in the municipality of Florida called, once again, to intensify the missions to confront the Aedes aegypti mosquito in each neighborhood and community of the territory, taking into account the danger of this insect transmitter of dengue and other diseases.

Directors of the anti-vector campaign and the primary level of Medical Assistance called for systematically carrying out the family autofocal in homes and workplaces, especially in those populations and areas where the transmission of arboviruses, outbreaks and mosquito threats are detected.

It corresponds to the basic work groups of the Doctor and the Nurses of the family to promote, in their field, the alert orders and training on the risks of dengue, and how to avoid its contagion, in addition to monitoring the state of health of the patients affected by this disease and their bond with the rest of the cohabitants and neighbors.

The municipality of Florida suffered in previous periods due to the increase in the focus of Aedes aegypti along with the development of Dengue outbreaks, before which it was necessary to call for popular participation, the active performance of organizations and institutions such as Aqueduct and Sewerage, Community Services and other essential actors to win the battle against the mosquito.


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