Little Son Theater Musician Project: 10 years of artistic creation with children and adolescents

Florida, Sep 28.- With a premiere show, the Little Son Theater Musician Project will celebrate its tenth anniversary, this September 28; the party is scheduled for eight at night, at the Cielo Floridano cabaret, for all the public who wish to attend the birthday.

La Cucarachita is the play that children and adolescents will premiere, who through theater and harmony will give fun, joy and reflect on issues related to love, friendship and responsibility, as well as make the public dance with live music. made by themselves during the show.

Pequenos Son is the result of a decade of sacrifice and consecration by theater and music instructors Mabis Casals and Arturo Nazco Labrada, who, with the support of family, friends and institutions in the territory, give the infants of the municipality of Florida an opportunity to dream and live the art.

A decade of existence celebrates this September 28 the Little Son Theater Music Project, of the municipality of Florida, with the satisfaction that it entails in the spiritual growth of the children and adolescents that make it up and the joy of the numerous recognitions that reward their formative work and artistic.


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