Working mothers in Florida benefited by Decree Law 45 of 2021

Florida, Sep 28.- Some 200 working women in the municipality of Florida have benefited to date by Decree Law 45 of 2021, which guarantees mothers the right to receive 60 percent of their salary during the interruption of their work tasks to dedicate themselves to the care of children who receive a medical certificate for illness.

It is precisely this official document, backed by the humanist will of the Cuban government, which protects the payment of the aforementioned amount of salary to the working mother throughout the period of rest set for those under 17 with transitory health problems.

The numerous policies for the protection of infants implemented by the Cuban State in the social sphere complement the obligation of parents to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their children, a thesis ratified in the articles of the new Family Code approved by the vast majority of the people and put into effect as of this September 27.

The guarantees of wage income for the case of women who must be absent from work in order to take care of their sons and daughters with a medical certificate due to illness also demonstrate the solidarity, respect for life and sensitivity of the Cuban Revolution in the pretense of continuing forward with everyone and for the good of all.


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