University Center of Florida expects to graduate 93 new professionals

Florida, Oct. 1.- At the end of the current school year, the Municipal University Center is expected to graduate 93 students who complete studies in Accounting and Finance, Agricultural Engineering, Physical Culture and Primary and Preschool Education.

To demonstrate the skills acquired during the years of study, 12 young people will be evaluated through a state exam, 49 will present diploma work and another 32 will carry out professional exercises, according to the Master of Science Dora Cárdenas Ramil, director of that institution in the territory.

The official also explained that the future Graduates and Engineers will contribute to strengthening the work of various local entities, including those in the Education, Sports and Recreation sectors, economic institutions and Agriculture, where some of them already work as workers or managers.

The graduation of 93 new professionals is the main priority of the labor group of the Municipal University Center in the current stage of the school year, an action that shows the positive results in the teaching process of said institution.


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