Protection of the Maternal and Child Care Program remains a priority in Florida

Florida, Oct 3.- The protection of pregnancy and maternity remains a priority of the Cuban social system in the municipality of Florida based on the unequivocal compliance with regulations and agreements arranged to achieve the normal development of both processes in working women.

This is confirmed by the more than three million 200 thousand pesos allocated here to date as support for maternity leave payments, along with other salary guarantees to Floridian mothers who benefit from the right to take a break from work to care for children under a year of life

The figure referred to means a little more than 85 percent of the total financial budget assigned to the municipality with the aim of supporting the health and care of the worker in a reproductive state and those who enjoy maternity.

According to data from the Office of Assistance and Social Security of Florida, until the end of August almost 200 women incorporated into employment on a regular basis benefited from the premises and government decrees that defend the quality of the Maternal and Child Care Program and compliance with the provisions on the subject in the Constitution of the Republic.


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