Florida with potential to achieve agri-food sovereignty and security

Florida, Oct 6.- The municipality of Florida has sufficient strength to advance towards the achievement of agri-food sovereignty and security, for which it is necessary to organize the force, take advantage of opportunities and respond, with the production of tubers, vegetables, grains and fruit trees, to the demands of the people.

With more than 50 production units, thousands of active patios and plots linked to the Agriculture system, and sufficient land, it is essential to increase the planting of various crops and the promotion of livestock, based on the use of Science and Technology. , the use of agroecological practices and the materialization of the commitment of farmers with this fundamental task.

As part of the process towards achieving autonomy in obtaining and marketing food, the Municipal Delegation of Agriculture also promotes the strategy of prioritizing the attention to fifty advanced producers with the provision of resources to raise yields in areas concentrated.

With a population of around 70,000 inhabitants in its territory, Florida demands figures of over a thousand tons of agricultural products each month, to satisfy the 30 pounds per capita of viands, vegetables and proteins that the basic diet of the inhabitants of Florida needs. this region.


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