Provincial press team visits Public Health facilities in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 7.- A press team made up of journalists from the provincial media and the local station, as well as correspondents from Radio and Television, exchanged with public health directors of the municipality of Florida.

During the meeting, Dr. Nelson del Sol Serrallonga, director of this sector in Florida, referred to the advances and results of prioritized programs such as the Family Doctor and Nurse, and Maternal and Child care, the hygienic- health of the territory, with emphasis on actions aimed at confronting dengue, among other topics of interest.

During the tour, the journalists talked with the doctors and nurses from various offices in the territory that benefited from the renovation of their infrastructure, the fixed telephone service, the use of corporate lines for Internet connectivity, the interior and exterior painting, and the installation of a turbine for the hydraulic improvement of the premises.

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