Activities continue in Florida to celebrate the Day of Cuban Culture (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 18.- Last weekend the 50th Anniversary Cultural Guerrilla made up of the Art Instructors of José Martí Brigade, from the municipality of Florida, was activated as part of the program of activities organized to celebrate the Day for Cuban Culture , and the 18th birthday of that youth group.

The Palace of Pioneers, headquarters of the Little Son Theater Musician Project, was the place chosen to give girls, boys and adolescents a day full of joy and fun with varied cultural proposals by the brigadistas.

The recreational proposals were also present together with the coaches of the Sports Sector and the participants were able to enjoy traditional games and attractive options, aimed at contributing to the recreation of the little ones.

The program of activities for the Day of Cuban Culture will run until Thursday, October 20, and includes the Handicrafts Fair, the celebration of the Cooking Day, presentations by theatrical and dance groups starring the artistic units directed by the Instructors of Art.


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