New nomination process for delegate candidates gets ready in Florida

Florida, Oct 19.- The electoral authorities of the constituencies in Florida are trained again and finalize organizational details for the development of the nomination of candidates for delegates of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, a process scheduled for October 21 to 10 of November.

According to a report from the Municipal Electoral Council, during this stage a total of 273 nomination assemblies are planned, community meetings in which the voters of the town will select those they consider to have the greatest leadership capacity and moral integrity to represent them in the local government body.

There are more than 400 constituency electoral authorities in Florida in charge of conducting nomination assemblies in accordance with the law, with high organizational capacity and impartiality in proceeding, essential rules and principles to guarantee the correct development of the entire electoral process.

With a view to the next assemblies of nominations of candidates to delegates of the People’s Power in Florida, the members of the constituency electoral commissions review their knowledge about the law and how to proceed, while at the same time specifying in the base the preparations for the development of community meetings, starting next October 21.


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