Cultural Gala held for the 53rd anniversary of Radio Florida (+Photos)


Florida, Nov. 3.- A Cultural gala began the celebration for the 53rd anniversary of the Radio Florida Station on November 2.

With an appointment at the municipal House of Culture, media workers, listeners, artists and other guests were present to celebrate more than half a cycle of radio work.


In the entertainment, Maribel Nogueira Urrelis was recognized as the artist of choice and Enrique García for sharing with this talented announcer, the making of the program RF en el Dial, selected as the one with the largest audience by the majority of the local population.

The rising work of journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera was also distinguished at the celebration, where José Díaz Hernández, director of the station, received special recognition for his outstanding work in front of the Radio Florida group.


53 years after its first airing, the Radio Florida collective continues to be an echo of the Floridian reality, always with the commitment to remain in the local preference “Dressing the truth with words”.


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