In Florida the “Will to Choose” materialized.

Florida, Nov 28.- More than 35,000 voters from the territory who went to the polls during the election day held this Sunday, November 27, which concluded with the election through the free, direct and secret vote of 79 of the 80 delegates from constituency that will integrate the new Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida.

According to the last part of the Municipal Electoral Council, the residents of Agramonte constituency 80 have already been called for a second round, where none of the three competing candidates reached the number of votes necessary to declare themselves the winner.

With 68.10% turnout at the polls, the majority of Floridians over the age of 16 showed here, once again, their inalienable commitment to the Cuban political system, and ratified their confidence in the delegate’s management as a genuine representative and defender of the interests of the people in the superior instances of the Local Government.

Of the total ballots deposited in the polls in the municipality of Florida, 90.17% were valid, and less than a tenth of them were annulled because they did not clearly express the will of the voter or were blank. The municipal elections held in Florida had the direct support of thousands of people who served here as electoral authorities, assurance personnel, and volunteers in charge of guaranteeing the universality, transparency, fluidity, and quality of the process that once again had the pioneers in custody of the ballot box.


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