Lázaro Michel gave his art to the Florida public (+Post)

Florida, Dec. 1.- Those attending the concert offered by the Florida artist Lázaro Michel, at the Negro Bembón cultural center, enjoyed a pleasant evening evening on Tuesday night, with the participation of Dani Danilo, the instrumentalist Carlos Infante and the dancers Karina Rodríguez Maya and Dalila Rodríguez Montoya.

In the concert named Siempre yo, with the general direction of Yaxsell Lescay Thomas and the technical assistance of Léster González, Lázaro Michel covered a variety of themes and genres representative of the broad Cuban musical spectrum and the attendees enjoyed a different night.

This activity was carried out in conjunction with the Pedro Loforte Sablón trova house, to also celebrate the 50th anniversary of that cultural institution, and it will remain a regular space where artists from the territory will give away their art to the local public.


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