Camagüey party leader calls to promote the socioeconomic development of Florida (+Post)

Federico Hernández Hernández, primer secretario del Comité Provincial del Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC), realiza el lanzamiento de la campaña “Granma por más, siempre en 26”, jornada de trabajo en saludo al Aniversario 61 del Triunfo de la Revolución, en la ciudad de Bayamo, provincia de Granma, el 31 de octubre de 2019. ACN FOTO/ Armando Ernesto CONTRERAS TAMAYO/ rrcc

Florida, Dec 3.- With the presence of Federico Hernández Hernández, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary in the province of Camagüey, the last exchange of the year with the general secretaries of the nuclei of base and administrative leaders of the municipality, with the objective of evaluating issues of the internal functioning of the organization and political work in favor of the economic and social development of the territory.

The report presented by representatives of the municipal leadership of the Party critically addressed the deficiencies in key missions, such as the increase in the number of members and work with youth, together with the need to refine the analysis of the nucleus on the fundamental tasks and the ideological preparation of its labor group, the fight against crime and the exemplarity and demand of the communist militancy in the entities or demarcations where they operate.

Aspects such as cadre policy and business performance prompted the intervention of the main party leader from Camagüey, who referred to Florida’s weaknesses in this field, including administrative inertia, the lack of results in key sectors of the economy and little initiative in the search for solutions to increase the production of food and other goods and services for the benefit of the people.

Federico Hernández Hernández also analyzed a group of militancy proposals related to dissatisfaction with the attention to communities and neighborhoods in transformation and agricultural marketing, and called for increasing the planting of various crops, a task to which he directed to provide all possible support, and by the way, he stressed that the standard of living of Floridians will grow to the same extent that the results of local agriculture advance.

During the conclusions of the exchange with the general secretaries of the Party nuclei and Florida authorities, the member of the Central Committee and First Secretary in the Province insisted on the need to follow up on the ideas of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, General de Raúl Castro Ruz Army, on the strategy of consolidating the war of all the people in the current situation, increasing the role of savings in all fields, strengthening the fight against corruption and defending the pursuit of prosperity with discipline, order and rigor in daily work.

Before concluding his visit to Florida, the highest political leader in the land of Camagüey congratulated the communist militancy and the people for the new anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, and assured that we will advance towards next year sure of victory, with the firm conviction that “Yes we can if we give everything for Camagüey, for the Homeland and for the conquests of socialism.”


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