Yelena Triana García awarded in the 31st edition of Cedima 2022

Florida, Dec 5.- The Floridian Yelena Triana García, member of the Cuban Association of Physically-Motor Limited Persons (ACLIFIM) was the winner among the participants in the 31st edition of Cedima 2022, an event convened by the Culture Sector in the Carlos Manuel de Lawns.

With her work Preludio de ella, Triana García received the award for best written tenth, a result with which the artist marked the inclusion of her for the first time in this event, where other writers belonging to the literary workshop Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, from Florida.

Receiving this award represented great satisfaction and pride for the local woman, since, empirically, she arrived at Cedima 2022, as recognized by Yelena, who thanked her mother, the poet Evelina García Martínez, for her motivation for writing.

With three years as a member of ACLIFIM in Florida, Yelena Triana García maintains a good relationship with her fellow association members and her disabled condition did not prevent her from participating in the 31st edition of Cedima and obtaining the award for the best tenth written for the event.


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