Floridians will pay tributes to those who gave their lives in Operation Carlota (+Post)

Florida, Dec 7.- The Floridian people pay tribute to the combatants who fell on African lands, as part of the commemoration of the 126th anniversaries of the fall in combat of General Antonio Maceo and the 33rd anniversary of Operation Tribute.

As in previous years, the accompaniment of the relatives of the 23 Floridians who died during the fulfillment of internationalist military missions and in actions related to the defense of national integrity is expected, on a pilgrimage march from the local House of Culture to the Los Pinos Necropolis. .

The tribute begins with a meeting with the highest political and governmental authorities of the territory, to later deposit a wreath at the tarja located in the portal of the Casa de la Cultura, where the coffins of the Floridian combatants were honored and perform a simple act in honor of the memory of the Bronze Titan in front of the bust found in the José Martí Park.

Already in the Pantheon of the Fallen, in the Florida Cemetery, as is traditional, a military ceremony and cultural political act will take place in homage to those who were able to give up their lives in support of the independence struggles of brother nations.

Operation Tribute is the name given in Cuba, in 1989, to the action of transferring to the Homeland the mortal remains of the 2,085 who offered their lives in combats for the independence of African nations and 204 from other missions. internationalists to bury them in the Cemeteries of the Fallen conditioned in each of the municipalities of the country.


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