New delegates of Popular Power are trained in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Dec 9.- In Florida, a process of training newly elected delegates began to represent the interests of the 80 constituencies of the territory in the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power for the next term of this local government body.

With the presence of the highest political and governmental authorities of the municipality, these trainings began with the evaluation of the results of the latest Popular Power votes and a discussion on the characteristics of the Cuban Electoral System.

On this day, the delegates of the constituency were informed about the territorial development strategy, the local economy and the management of the Municipal Administration Council, to attend to the proposals of the Floridian population.

Prior to the constitution of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, scheduled for December 17, the training process aims to provide knowledge to the newly elected deputies and strengthen the preparation of the re-elected, on the operation and legislative responsibilities of the Body of government. installations.


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