Floridians among the best athletes of 2022 in Camagüey

Florida, Dec 15.- Two Floridians were included among the best athletes of the year 2022 in the province of Camagüey, a selection in which they won the highest recognitions in their respective sexes, the boxer Julio César la Cruz and the wrestler Laura Herin.

From the Florida municipality, the gunman Guillermo Pías del Río, gold medalist for teams in the ten-meter air pistol event during the most recent Pan-American Shooting Event, was part of the list of the ten most outstanding in the province.

Meanwhile, the para-athlete Manuel del Rosario de Pargas stood out as one of the two best disabled athletes in the Camagüey province during 2022, for his champion title in the also recent Pan-American Parabadminton Tournament, held in the Colombian city of Cali.

On the other hand, the Florida setter Adrián Chirino Callam, although he was not individually recognized in this selection of the best athletes from Camagüey, was part of Camagüey Volleyball team that with his crown in the National Championship this season, led to It was the sport of high mesh, the collective discipline, most prominent in the province.


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