More than 40 million pesos in social assistance are executed in Florida

Florida, Dec 17.- More than 40 million pesos have been executed to date in the municipality of Florida with the aim of guaranteeing Social Assistance benefits to families in vulnerable situations.

The millionaire financial amount of the state budget allowed here to cover part of the basic needs of some 2,400 people included in 1,703 socially disadvantaged nuclei in different communities of the territory.

The payment of pensions and monetary benefits; wage protection for mothers with disabled children and others included in the demographic policy; the coverage of the home care service and the subsidy for nursing homes are included among the actions of social assistance so far this year.

The more than 40 million pesos allocated to this government account in Florida also allowed the acquisition and subsequent distribution of a considerable group of resources to families in vulnerable situations, which include mattresses, furniture, electronic items and household items, clothing and footwear, among others of great popular demand.


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