Lisbey Álvarez Serrano: the best Community Physical Activity teacher in Camagüey

Florida, Dec 21.- The Florida graduate Lisbey Álvarez Serrano was selected the best teacher of Community Physical Activity during 2022 in the province of Camagüey, as part of the selection of the best athletes and coaches of the year within the Sport of Camagüey.

The professional who works in the Ignacio Agramonte sports team in Florida stands out in promoting sports practice for healthy recreation at all ages, through the Educate Your Child program, holding A Jugar events in the community where she works, the aerobic festivals and the attention of the Circles of Grandparents.

In the year that concludes, the Floridian Lisbey Álvarez was the winner of the provincial contest of the Community Physical Activity class and represented the municipality in multiple events convened in Camagüey, with very good results.

In addition to what has been achieved in events and competitions, Lisbey Álvarez Serrano, has the admiration and respect of her fellow professionals in the Ignacio Agramonte sports team, for her commitment and participation in the many activities of this sector in the municipality.


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