Work commissions of the local government body are reorganized

Florida, Jan 10.- The delegates of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power (AMPP) in Florida constituted, for the current term of office, a new permanent work commission, aimed at increasing the control and evaluation of the functions and work of local government bodies in the territory.

There are now six working commissions of the AMPP in this demarcation to supervise, on behalf of the people, the functioning of the institutions and the progress of the socioeconomic programs, the productions and the different public services.

The new assembly commission is made up of representatives of 12 districts of the municipality, and will be led by comrade Victoriano José Martínez, from one of the demarcations of the Urban Center popular council, with experience in the work of local government bodies.

For this new term of office of the local government, some of the work commissions of the Municipal Assembly were reorganized, and from now on the issues of the Science and Education sectors will be evaluated in commission along with issues of legality and internal order.


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