The process of constitution of the Popular Councils concluded in Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Jan 12.- In the municipality of Florida, the process of constituting the leaderships of the 11 Popular Councils that make up the structure of Popular Power at the base concluded.

As of the most recent elections of the delegates in the Florida constituencies, for this new period of government mandate, the addresses of five people’s councils are renewed; Urban Center, La Vallita, San Antonio, Ignacio Agramonte and Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel.

The management structure of the popular councils is made up of the delegates elected by the people in the circumscriptions of each demarcation of the municipality, and among them the positions of President and Vice President of this base body are designated.

For this new term of office of the local government in the municipality of Florida, the number of constituencies decreased, but the number of popular councils remains at 11.


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