Authorities call in Florida to comply with fire prevention measures

Florida, Jan 23.- The two sugar agro-industrial companies of the municipality of Florida maintain the alert call to the productive bases of the sector on the surveillance and control of sugarcane fires in the current harvest, a scourge that causes economic losses and large volumes of raw material.

Consequently, the producers of the agricultural system of central Argentina are summoned to control and extinguish in time the candela outbreaks sighted in empty lands, adjacent to the sugarcane massifs, which are considered the fundamental cause of the four out-of-control burnings that occurred up to the date in productive areas of various cooperatives linked to the aforementioned entity.

Even though the agrosugar growers of the Ignacio Agramonte Company do not register serious explosions on their properties, the call is to maintain fire prevention measures with guardarrayas, the implementation of firebreak trails and the use of lookouts in places of risk .

According to the information provided by Jorge Cobo Muñoz, head of agricultural machinery at the Agramonte Producer Assistance Unit, work is being done to review the agreements with usufructuaries and other stakeholders neighboring the sugar plantations, with the aim of preventing fires. , and if any arise, cooperate in its extinction.

Indiscriminate burning is one of the greatest threats to the normal development of the sugar harvest and sugarcane recovery, due to its economic impact, from the changes in the programming designed for cutting sugarcane, the loss of raw material, the damage to the strains and the change of strategies for the cultivation of suckers.


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