Lists of voters for the suffrages of March 26 are published

Florida, Jan 25.- In the municipality of Florida, the lists of voters are published these days, as part of a new process of verification of the number and location of voters in this territory, now with a view to the development of the votes of the next March 26, where the Deputies of the National Assembly of Popular Power will be elected.

According to the direction of the Municipal Electoral Council (CEM), there are more than 150 sites planned in the demarcation to guarantee that the voter lists of each of the Floridian constituencies are exposed in public spaces, in such a way that people can verify its presence in the registry.

As part of this process, the constituency electoral authorities and the representatives of political and mass organizations are entrusted with making house-to-house visits to verify the residential location of voters and update the inclusion of those citizens who are 16 years of age. of age and attain the right to vote.

As in previous processes, prior to the votes on March 26, training will be carried out in Florida for the preparation of the members of the electoral commissions and tables, responsible for the qualification of the polling stations and the conduct of these new popular elections, in accordance with the law and professional ethics.


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