Double victory for Floridian baseball players on a visit to Esmeralda

Florida, Jan 31.- The team of the Florida territory achieved a double victory this weekend in its visit to the municipality of Esmeralda during the second date of competition of the Provincial Baseball Championship for the 11-12-year-old category.

According to the statistics of the scorer Justo Luis Álvarez, the Floridians triumphed in the first hour 16 scores to 14, in a duel with bats where the offensive Leduar Rosquette, Antuán Goulet and Jonathan Rosillo stood out, the latter with three hits in four at-bats .

In this first game, pitcher Cristian Bartolomé scored the victory and Daykel Hernández also added a point per game saved on the mound.

In the second hour of the day, the offensive of the Florida schoolchildren was also active, who beat the Esmeraldas 18 runs to six, in a match in which Denis Fernández and Adniel Suárez stood out with the bat, both with two hits.

The victory went to pitcher Daykel Hernández, who excelled on the mound in both games of the day in Esmeralda territory.

After two dates of the Provincial Baseball Championship for the 11-12 year old category, the Florida team shows a balance of three wins and one loss.

According to the official calendar of the tournament, this Saturday, February 4, the Floridian ninth rests, and in the next three consecutive days she will play at home with Minas, Sierra de Cubitas and Céspedes.


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