Avoid losses and diversify productions, purposes of the Agramonte sugar producers

Florida, Feb 1.- The sugar growers of the Ignacio Agramonte Agroindustrial Company, from the municipality of Florida, face 2023 with new goals to overcome in search of reversing the economic losses of the previous year, advancing in food production, control of resources and earning.

Together with the mission of increasing the availability of cane, manufacturing and protecting, with efficiency, the refined sugar that the country demands, the workers of the aforementioned entity also propose to travel the path of productive diversification in the planting of various crops, the pig farming and the promotion of aquaculture, among other purposes.

According to statements by Francisco Pol Fiz, general director of the Ignacio Agramonte Agroindustrial Sugar Company, they are also working to activate, in the shortest possible time, the Glucose plant and register the turnery service in the T-2 workshops with the strategy of increasing the provision of services to third parties.

The manager also highlighted the measures adopted to counteract the incidence of crimes of theft and sugar trafficking rooted in the industry of the Ignacio Agramonte sugar mill in Florida, with the organization of the workforce and the reduction of gaps , risks, causes and conditions that facilitate it.


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