Workers of the Municipal Court carry out an annual balance (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 1.- With the commitment and responsibility to continue delivering justice with the transparency that characterizes this body, the People’s Court of Florida held its annual balance assembly corresponding to the past 2022.

At the meeting, he recognized that in criminal matters the group solved 95.8 percent of the cases handled, while in the family and civil section they perfected compliance with all the cases filed, as well as the execution of the sentences, a matter that achieved all forecast indicators in this period.

The People’s Municipal Court of Florida worked during 2022 for an adequate preparation and improvement of the workers, with the achievement, in addition, of better working conditions and the stimulation of the work of its members.

During the interview, he was recognized by Judge Teresa Hermidas Pérez, with the Enrique Hart Dávalos distinction for labor merit, awarded for the long history of his career in his profession.

For the current stage of work, relations were strengthened with institutions such as the National Revolutionary Police, the Ministry of the Interior and the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office, as well as support for recently graduated auxiliary personnel and guaranteed professional development.

Present at the annual balance of the People’s Court of Florida were Elaine Gómez Cardoso, member of the Party leadership in the territory, Evelyn Márquez, president of the local government body, and Elisabet González Baldarrama, representing the provincial.

Other details in this regard are offered by the journalist Diala González Ramayo in the following reports.

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